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A Unique Gallery & Idyllic Venue

The Palais des Vaches is a beautifully renovated art gallery and event venue nestled between the Beaulieu River and The Solent, offering breathtaking views.

Just a short distance from the world-famous Exbury Gardens, this carefully designed event venue has three flexible, interconnecting interior spaces which surround a large open courtyard and a smaller outdoor seating area with a North facing lawn. In Summer there is a wild flower meadow overlooking the river.

The gallery hosts exceptional local and award winning national artists with exhibitions on show throughout the year, and is the perfect venue to celebrate any special occasion, from birthday parties or anniversaries to pop-up restaurants, educational talks and corporate away-days.

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Palais des Vaches Entrance
Palais des Vaches before build

A Brief History

The Palais des vaches was built in the 1920s as a milking parlour by Lionel de Rothschild as part of a model farm. It housed a dairy facility that produced milk, cheese, butter and cream for Exbury House, Lionel’s country residence where he created his now world-famous Gardens.

in 2017, Nick (his grandson) and Caroline (Nick’s wife) decided to turn the derelict, but still magnificent, cowshed into an art gallery. However, the space was constrained by feeding troughs and woodworm-eaten pillars.

Cowshed to Gallery

Just before COVID hit, planning permission was achieved to change the use from agricultural use and renovate the whole old farm, turning it into the art venue it is today. Its original nickname of ‘The Cow Palace’, named for its extravagant Arts and Crafts style, was ‘Frenchified’ by Nick and Caroline. Thus, the ‘Palais des Vaches’ was born.

Today, the Palais des Vaches is private gallery by invitation only, ensuring the exclusivity and privacy of the venue.

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Palais des Vaches after build

What we did in Lockdown

Before & After

Palais des Vaches Before
Palais des Vaches After