1. The website and name Palais des Vaches Gallery (PdesV) belong to Nicholas de Rothschild Trading and the name cannot be used without the owner’s prior permission.


  1. All items shown on the website (unless otherwise stated) are by the artist and are owned by the artist until purchased.


  1. The price of each work is shown on the text that accompanies each image. This price is net of shipping costs which can be added at the PdesV’s discretion.


  1. If the artwork is unsatisfactory for any good reason then the purchaser shall have 30 days to return, at their own expense, the work in question and will be refunded the amount paid less the PayPal charges incurred (if these apply) on receipt by the PdesV of the returned artwork.


  1. All payment transactions on the website and from the Gallery itself will be through PayPal.


  1. All business is conducted under the Laws of England